TD 19042014

Morning – G

1h FitBall (weights, swiss ball, all body parts)

45mins outdoor run

30min core training

Evening – C

10km outdoor run

15km outdoor cycling

This is what I like to call proper Easter Saturday :D

P.S. No gym tomorrow :(

TD 18042014

Morning – C

1h hardcore spinning

Evening – C

1h treadmill (power walk)

TD 17042014

Morning – C

45mins outdoor run

Afternoon – C

outdoor cycling

Evening – 1,5h treadmill

Easy day, lots of fresh air, perfect! :D

TD 16042014

Morning – BB

3×12 assisted pull ups

3×12 one arm row (20kg dumbbell)

3×12 bent over dumbbells pull (14kg)

3×12 bent over barbell row (40kg)

3×12 lat pull

3×12 seated row

Evening – C + CF

1,5h treadmill (speed: 6.5-7km/h)

1h crossfit (focused on legs: squats, lunges, holds)

TD 15042014

Morning – C

1h spinning

1h crossfit (easy pace ;) )

Evening – C

1,5h treadmill (speed: 6.7km/h – 7km/h)

Slowly getting better ;)

TD 14042014

Morning – recovering.. still ;)

Evening – G

1h ABT (teaching class; abdominals, bottom, thighs)

I feel like a human again.. not a superhero! I NEED to recover! Wanna go back to my crazy trainings :D

TD 13042014


If you heard about Tough Mudder, you know what I’ve been through today ;)

A little shorter version – 10km, maybe 20 obstacles (water, mud, walls, ropes, jumps and run!)

Here is our team Apocalypso :D



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