TD 20082014


1,5 outdoor cycling


30mins treadmill power walk

1h crossfit (teaching class)

Today I’ve decided to do a burpees challenge. 7 different types of burpees, 3 rounds, time frame, short breaks ;)

Love the sweat! <3

TD 19082014


1h spinning (teaching class)

1h crossfit (teaching class):

3 rounds: run / burpees / row / cycling

1h swiss ball training


2h outdoor cycling


TD 18082014


45mins treadmill power walk


1h ABT (teaching class: abdominals, glutes and legs)

40mins treadmill power walk


Long weekend break

Thursday – 14th

1h outdoor legs&glutes training finished with push ups and dips in super sets :D

Friday – 15th

Morning outdoor running in Malbork.

Saturday – 16th

“Walk in heights” – claiming trees, jumping bridges, swinging on ropes etc

Sunday – 17th

1h bodyweight training on the roof – squats, lunges, jumps, plank, dips, push ups, kicks, abs etc.

TD 13082014


1h spinning (teaching class)


1h crossfit 

100 back squats

90 OHL 

80 swing

70 walk on box wih weights

60 hr push ups

50 elevated sit ups

40 C&J

30 bent over barbell row

20 thrusters

10 hs push ups


1h crossfit

4 rounds: 1min: 6 stations: body weight: endurance

How about dinner?

Endive, tomatoes, raisins, croutons, dressing.

Eggplant slices fried on olive oil, seasoning.

photo (10)

TD 12082014


1h spinning (teaching class)

1h crossfit (teaching class)

Set: 5 pull ups

10 push ups

20 air squats

Set: box jump / abs

20 – 15 – 12 – 8 dead lift

Always happy to go to the gym :D

photo (16)


TD 11082014

Morning – BB

3×12 bench press

3×12 incline bench dumbbells press

3×12 decline bench press

3×12 flies


photo (7)


35mins treadmill walk

1h ABT (abdominals; glutes; thighs; teaching class)


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