TD 02092014


1h spinning (teaching class)

1h crossfit 

4 rounds: back squat / abs / front squat / abs / OHL / abs / back lunges / abs

Here is my idea for dinner :D

Brown rice, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, leek, olive oil and basil.


TD 01092014

Morning – BB

3×12 incline bench press

3×12 bench press

3×12 incline dumbbells press

3×12 dips

3×12 standing flies

3×12 chest press


30mins cross trainer

30mins treadmill power walk


1h ABT (teaching class; abs, bottom, thighs)


TD 31082014

Afternoon spent on a bicycle. 2h non stop. Beautiful weather, spin around the city with my friend :D

photo (24)

TD 30082014


1h FitBall (teaching class; swiss ball; weights)

1h crossfit (teaching class; 3 rounds; 7 stations)

30mins core training (teaching class; abs and back)

TD 29082014


1h spinning (teaching class)


40mins outdoor cycling


TD 28082014


1h shoulder training (lateral raise, front raise, shoulder press, rotations, etc) – small weights, many reps.

I had a day off today :D

Ate ox tongue for dinner and it was delicious! All day spent outside with my friends just to turn it into a party at night :D

TD 27082014

Morning – BB


3×12 bicep curl “hammer grip”

3×12 tricep dumbbell pull from behind head

3×12 dumbbells bicep curl with rotation

3×12 one arm tricep extention (dumbbell)

3×12 bicep on the “prayer”

3×12 tricep “bull’s balls” (crossover machine)


1h crossfit (teaching class)

I love exercising with my group! So much fun and laughter :D


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